Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Focused: Stronger than I ever knew!

I thought this would be a great tie in with IllustrationFriday, the topic: Focused. This week I finished my book! I've been working on the illustrations for this book by Shelley Hanson for over a year now (working through my senior year of college and through working over 40 hours a week since graduation). I'm so ecstatic to have it finished! Shelley is so happy with the project and is excited to start marketing it. It can be purchased on or simply click here. Here is one of the last illustrations that I truly relate with, I feel strong, strong for finishing what I started, strong for doing something that will benefit others, and strong for saying yes to this challenge.
This story was written for a real little girl named Rylee, who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was under two years old. Shelley is using the profits to ease the burdens that this family is facing. I'm happy to be a part of this great cause.