Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Fair Dessert

As promised! I had some fun with this piece - doing an acrylic painting then finishing up some details on Photo Shop. My scanner at home is not big enough to scan the painting (acrylic on 9 x 12 board), so I had to take a still picture with my camera - I'm happy with the end result though. I really liked working this way - traditional then digital!!! Oh fun!

This is what the acrylic painting looked like before the digital painting went over top. I had my paints on the table for a week, but didn't find the time to finish - I cleaned them up and decided to do the rest digital.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

IF: dessert - fair food!

Illustration Friday's topic is "dessert". It's FAIR time around these parts, and the one thing us
western gals like is our fair food! Turkey legs, fried twinkies, chocolate covered bacon... this year's new flavor is a hamburger that substitutes doughnuts for the buns! Wow! But the ultimate fair staple has got to be the "Tiger Ear"! They are known by other names of course, scones, elephant ears and I'm sure many more. My fav!!!

I ran out of time this week, I'm half way through the painting, but I have all intentions of finishing this and making it a great illustration! The unveiling will have to be later.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Poppies

I love poppies - they are such a delicate flower yet are so bold in color. I think they look pretty good against this teal background. This looks great hanging up in my living area, accented against all my brown furnishings.