Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Nephew's Baptism

My lovely sister-in-law asked me to design an invitation/announcement for her son's baptism coming up next month. I'm pleased with how my little illustration turned out. It's got enough likeness of my nephew. He's actually a pretty good little artist himself and he's been asking me while he's in town to do another "art lesson". We're headed to Colorado for the weekend and a Rockies game on Monday - so I'll get these printed for them before we head out. If anyone cares to know, Office Max actually has a good printing department and very inexpensive. I like to print on their white or creme linen paper then stack onto another piece of colored cardstock for simple invitations like this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Lovin

I love summer! One of my favorite things about summer is Bear Lake. We were able to spend part of the 4th of July weekend at my grandparent's cabin. It's such a great time there! We love the beach and the blue water! This is a couple of paintings that I did to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago.

I wrote this poem to go along with it - I love my family, grateful for all of them!

Raspberry Love
By Calista Johnson

Love is like a raspberry patch,
It’s planted with great care.
Where and when it’s made or grown
Depends on what is there...

Make sure it’s placed in fertile soil
And watered day by day;
Nourished there by every drop
In all we do and say,

Weeding out the thistles
And looking past the thorns,
If the bush is tended to,
Ne’er we’ll be forlorn.

At times it’s hard and you may fear
It’s just not worth the fight;
Constant care and pruning,
There seems no end in sight.

But it’s worth the pricks, it’s worth the scrapes,
It’s worth the scratches too.
The least of all your worries
Is the mud smeared on your shoes!

For the harvest has come, the fruit is ripe,
Its sweet promise has been kept.
The rewards are greater than the cost
Of trials we’ve overstepped.

And now, as with each passing year,
The branches fall away,
Becoming mulch for new plants to grow
In the moist earth where they lay.

The process never ends you see,
It takes all you’ve got!
But rewardless and unfruitful
Are a couple things it’s not!

Love is like a raspberry patch,
It’s the product of devotion.
So, for you, our family dear,
We hold with fond emotion.