Saturday, January 29, 2011

Will not surrender...

This illustration represents how I've been feeling lately. I'm also tying it in with this week's Illustration Friday theme "surrender". But we will not surrender our family planning because everyone else around us is having babies! I love them, I want them, but it's not the time for us. I'll just keep telling myself that...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I haven't posted since before Christmas and I can't believe it's nearing the middle of January. I could have posted another little art project I did before Christmas. I copied a Mucha painting for my sister in law. Alphonse Mucha was a French printmaker in the late 1800's. "La Samaritaine" was the print I copied. It was a print advertising the theatrical work of Sarah Bernhardt. I inked the outlines and used a wet-on-wet watercolor technique for most of the painting. I was very proud of it! Sarah loved it!

Well, I haven't done much painting lately, but I have been working on my website design! It's one of my resolutions of course. My brother is a wiz when it comes to anything involving a computer, and it is part of his job to create websites for BYU. I'm hoping to have to my design done when I see him again - probably in February.

I've been sick lately and took a day off today. My day consisted of reading, coughing, blowing my nose, and lots more coughing. The day did however allow me to finish Book II of the Fablehaven series. I'm initially drawn to these books because of the awesome illustrator who did the covers, Brandon Dorman. He graduated from BYU-Idaho just before I entered... so I figure I have 3 years to catch up to his extreme success as an illustrator. He definitely has a talent for drawing fantasy creatures, monsters, and creepy things. Brandon Mull, the Fablehaven author, is also very talented! I've enjoyed the books very much! Unfortunately I only own the first 3! I'm going to have to go out and buy #4 and #5 before long!

I would also like to point out that I am posting from my living room, laptop on my lap, no cords attached, with over and hour and a half of charge left on my new battery. I'm going to try extra hard to not leave my computer on the charger this time, which is what killed my battery before. It got really frustrating there for a while; I wasn't in a rush to buy a battery because my computer functioned fine other than it had to be plugged in. It wouldn't hold a charge, but it worked. However, it was the last straw last week when I was working on my website design and I stood up to get the door, forgetfully pulling my computer off my lap and disconnecting the cord. The screen instantly went black and the work I had done was lost! After a few choice words and an order on, all was set right. Luckily I could recreate the work I had done fairly easily.

This is the first post I've done that I haven't actually had an illustration to share, but I felt like I needed a vent. Just a little note about my little life. To let everyone know I'm still here. Hope to update about my website soon!