Monday, April 25, 2011


So for the past little bit, I've been creative. I try to post regularly with my Illustration Friday stuff, but I like to expand my creative facets. I've done a little bit of traditional painting, fun crafty projects, some spray painting projects, and even some quilting! Check them out:

This is a set of paintings I did for my friend Charish. She has a very modern and colorful style! (and as you can see from the toys at the lower corner, an adorable baby boy!)

This is a painting I just finished - it's still drying - for my friend Paige. She has a pear themed bathroom and apparently couldn't find a pear painting. This is an original that won't be found in stores! This would also make a great kitchen painting.

I made this wreath for my Mom's birthday. This one was a doosie! 25-30 hours of TV and travel time making those small yarn pom-poms. This is on my door, but it looks very cute with the contrasting colors of her brick house. I did it after my friend Emily made one, and I'm pretty sure she got the idea from Studio 5. See the tutorial here.

Here's where the magic happens! Just finished the pear painting. Now I better finish that work in progress on the floor. I have one more commissioned painting to do for friends from Utah - to bad it's not done already because their coming to visit this weekend.

One more - this is my cute little chair. I love chairs! I spray painted this a week or so ago. I'm obsessed with this pea-green color right now. This is one if the little quilts & pillows I've made recently too. Fun to have projects! They keep my creative urges satisfied!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

IF - Bottled

Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Bottled". The first thing I thought is bottling up your emotions. So - in my best yoga instructor voice - Eh-Hem! "Feeling strong... feeling powerful... release all negativity... breath in goodness... release all anger & frustration... breath in happiness... Namaste!"

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's a last minute sketch to get into the Illustration Friday topic before it changes tomorrow morning. Here's a little Daddy-Daughter-Duet! Hope you like! Maybe I'll paint it some day.